Stilbaai, also known as the Bay of Sleeping Beauty

Stilbaai, also known as the Bay of Sleeping Beauty, is a town along the southern coast of South Africa about four hours by car from Cape Town. It is part of the Hessequa Local Municipality in the Western Cape province. Alternate spellings of the town’s name include Stillbay, Stilbay, Stillbaai and Stilbaai.

The town hosts a variety of B&B lodges and a friendly warm coast for surfing and swimming. During the peak of summer the warm waters at times become packed with blue bottles (a stinging sea creature also known as a portuguese man-of-war) when an easterly wind is blowing and the chance of being stung by one is high.

Stilbaai is host to a number of interesting archaeological sites, including ancient fish traps thought to have been built by early ancestors of the Khoi people of the Southern Cape, and a shell landfill that has been carbon dated to around 1,000 BC.

Another archaeological site is situated in a group of caves at Blombos cave, about 12 kilometers from Stilbaai. Artifacts found at Blombos have been carbon dated to around 77,000 BP, making it the oldest known human settlement today


Stilbaai Surf

CLIMATE IN STILBAAI Although the popularity of Stilbaai as one of the best tourist destinations on the Garden Route is growing at an ever-increasing rate, it maintains its characteristics as a pollution-free, safe and peaceful destination. It has long stretches of white sandy beaches, mild weather and a river which is navigable for 15 km. The weather is ideal for holiday making with moderate temperatures, and beautiful sunshine days. Temperatures fluctuate between 20°C and 28ºC on average in summer and between 12ºC and 20ºC on average in winter. Rainfall averages 639,2 mm per annum. The Stilbaai Surf has a point break by the harbour which can get over 6 foot.

On the other side of the lagoon there’s a nice little beach break for small conditions.


Struisbaai is a coastal village boasting with the longest continuous stretch of white sand coastline in the Southern Hemisphere. Struisbaai, together with its neighbouring communities of Hotagterklip and Molshoop makes up a sizeable collection of holiday homes spread along the sandy shore north-east of Cape Aghulhas.


It’s cold and windy in Stilbaai today! 😦

Weather in Stilbay

brr its cold today.. i think it’s about 14 degrees! 😦

A Stilbaai day

I remember, from being in Stilbaai in the early 90’s the sense of isolation and peace that one got from entering the sea-side town. Don’t get me wrong, Stilbaai is still a very small place, but it’s ver different. I mean has anyone thought that Stilbaai would have a Mr. Price?! That’s bizarre.The Stilbaai beaches have remained the same, but the feel of the town is different, or is it just me?

Don’t know why i feel so nostalgic today?!


I love this guy, he is so entretaining! Have no idea what’s on the site, but thought the pic was funny anyway.

My daughter is bringing our grandson soon and i think he’s still in nappies too.